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[audio]06-21-57 George Van Tassel Riding in a Flying Saucer - Long John Nebel
6-21-57 George Van Tassel tells how he rode in a flying saucer, and of his discussions with the alien who was flying it. Dan Fry; M.K. Jessup; Hans Stephan Santeson
Keywords: ufo flying saucer
Downloads: 4,369
[movies]Transport Strange Object - starboy plvv
Transport Strange Object - Flying Saucer
Keywords: Transport Strange Object - Flying Saucer
Downloads: 194
[audio]Flying saucer vs UFO - Jose Manuel Calvente Diaz
Reflexion sobre los terminos platillo volante y ovni
Keywords: ufo; ovni; platillo volante; flying saucer
Downloads: 16
[audio]Flying saucer vs UFO - Jose Manuel Calvente Diaz
Reflexión semantica en torno al cambio del término "platillo volante" por el de "OVNI"
Keywords: Flying saucer; ovni; ufo; platillo volante
Downloads: 13
[audio]Flying saucer vs UFO - Jose Manuel Calvente Diaz
Reflexion semántica
Keywords: ufo; ovni; plaillo volante; flying saucer
Downloads: 8
[texts]Flying Saucers, The Magazine of Space Conquest, October 1959 - Ray Palmer
Only 35 cents an issue, $2.00 for a yearly subscription, or $4.00 for three years!  Edited by Ray Palmer and co-edited by Gray Barker, this was the magazine for flying saucer buffs in the late 50s.  Don't miss out on the ads,personals, as well as "Flying Saucer Club News".  This magazine gives a feel for the phenomena as it manifested itself on the outer fringes of the culture of the 50s that shouldn't be missed by any aficionado of the meme!
Keywords: Flying Saucer; Ray Palmer; Gray Barker; UFO
Downloads: 223
[movies]The Invasion - donald lindsay fairbanks
Music Video Mashup with original music, created in Vegas / Pro Tools / Acid Pro / bryce animation / using PD footage.
Keywords: ufo; flying saucer; music video; music; video; fairground underbanks; mashup
Downloads: 147
[audio]My Spirit Guide - Russell Van Rooy
Ambient electric guitars drenched in echo, played in drop-d tuning, droning on for what seems like eternity. No effects other than echo used in this production.
Keywords: Flying Saucer Attack; Drone; psychedelic; meditation for warrior shamans
Downloads: 239
[movies]ufo Long John Nebel presents-The Flying Saucer Story - quicksilverscreen.com
ufo Long John Nebel presents-The Flying Saucer Story
Keywords: ufo Long John Nebel presents-The Flying Saucer Story
Downloads: 1,160
[texts]Flying Saucers December 1958 - Ray Palmer, Gray Barker
Issue number 52 of Ray Palmer's Flying Saucers, the Magazine of Space Conquest, co-edited by Gray Barker and with articles by Coral Lorenzen, Ray Palmer, Gray Barker and Kenneth Arnold.  Browsing through this 96 page issue helps capture the feel of the phenomena as it was happening, and is a valuable document for understanding the development of the socio-cultrual meme in its heyday. 
Keywords: Flying Saucer; Ray Palmer; Gray Barker; Kenneth Arnold; UFO
Downloads: 107
[audio]FM99 Alternative Frequency extended air cut with Toad and Elvis explaining
More Alternative Frequency on FM99 Daytona with Toad and Elvis. The guys go nearly bonkers in this segment, really out opf control as they intro a several cut mix clip. I don't know any of the bands, nor names of the cuts except the first is Sugar. Sorry about the audio dropout in the second cut, I think I was jumping up and down and hit the speakers button by accident. Its still very thruster. The fourth cut is like ufo-ish, you could fly down the hiway with this in a megabass equipped vehicle ...
Keywords: Alternative Frequency; FM99; Daytona; Elvis; Toad; Blue Danube dance cut; extended air mix; flying saucer
Downloads: 19
[audio]Reality Transformation Edition #1 - Road House Film Inc.
Podcast talk series on UFO's and Paranormal subjects, with host Michael MacDonald
Keywords: ufo alien podcast science flying saucer et talk interview paranormal ghosts space sci fi
Downloads: 580
[audio]Stranger take me with you
Krautman "Stranger take me with you" @∆@ recorded at Steim, Amsterdam 2010. Six chapters about traveling through undefined playgrounds. Waiting for the next synchronization of humanizing, between all those home made plan(e)ts and extraterrestrial flying communication centers. Colored space pills may helpful, in addition the V.L.U.X engine works with different power sources. When you go through numerously polyphonic doors, be aware of an stranger who may be already a mutual friend...
Keywords: tipsypoodl, berlin, sample berta, amsterdam, steim, witch, shaman, stranger, flying saucer, cosmic pills, krautman, weed, lekkerbekjes
Downloads: 377
[audio]UFO over Ferris, Illinois (9-5-2007) MUFON Interview
UFO over Ferris, Illinois (9-5-2007) MUFON Interview. For the full encyclopedia case file, visit: http://www.theblackvault.com/wiki/index.php/Ferris%2C_Illinois_%289-5-2007%29
Keywords: ufo; ufo sightings; ufo sighting; MUFON; unexplained; paranormal; flying saucer; saucers; ET; extraterrestrial; alien; aliens
Downloads: 190
[texts]Mattel Intellivision: Space Armada (1981)(Mattel)
Mattel Intellivision: Space Armada (1981)(Mattel)
Keywords: armada; laser; game; targets; overlay; guns; cartridge; screen; screenful; space; space armada; practice mode; flying saucer
Downloads: 34
[audio]Abducti-Tape-2011 - Abducti
The world is a very scary place, with fragments of madness surrounding us, crazy suicide cults, aliens laying eggs under your skin, death rays disemboweling cows. Abducti is dedicated to all things strange and weird. -. --- - .... .. -. --. / .. ... / - .-. ..- . . ...- . .-. -.-- - .... .. -. --. / .. ... / .--. . .-. -- .. - - . -.. (Occult alien para-religion themed noise & noisecore)
Keywords: noisecore; noise; experimental; abduction; ufo; alien; flying saucer; cattle mutilation; punk; occult
Downloads: 69
[audio]diffusion2008-06-19 - The Diffusion Team
Fanny Macleay and talking dolphins News by Patrick Rubie - electric flying saucers - personal networks sewn into clothes - fake urine used by miners Nineteenth Century naturalist Fanny Macleay by Lachlan Whatmore, Discussion of the news, staying young by staying with the young, and the portable hug with Ian Woolf and Patrick Rubie, Can Dolphins Talk? by Ian Woolf, Produced and Presented by Ian Woolf.
Keywords: science; naturalist; woman; nineteenth; dolphin; speech; longevity; aging; youth; flying saucer; MHD; network; urine; autism; intelligence
Downloads: 1,327
[movies]A Trip To The Planets - silent with added sound
Expressionistic and surprisingly accurate science fiction film from the silent age. We sea the solar system from the view of a flying saucer like vehicle of the future. Educational.
Keywords: educational; flying. saucer; classic; trip; planets; scifi; science fiction; silent; adventure; action; documentary; expressionism
Downloads: 3,421 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
Sexy ladies from Venus.
Keywords: sex; sexy; femalesTurkey,turkish; costumes; space; thighs; boots; Venus; ufo; flying saucer
Downloads: 308 (1 review)
[audio]The Alien Invasion #72 - What An Alien Hole - Galactic Netcasts
On this episode, we discuss HBO's new series about making contact; a possible Antarctic alien base; who's been visiting Texas, what the Iguanoids are, plus our picks and more on The Alien Invasion #72! * HBO's next big TV series The Spark is all about aliens. http://io9.com/hbos-next-big-tv-series-the-spark-is-all-about-aliens-512399301 * Alien Base And Flying Saucer Found In Antarctica. http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2013/06/alien-base-and-flying-saucer-found-in.html * UFO Triangle over Texas...
Keywords: HBO; The Spark; Oblivion; alien base; flying saucer; Antarctica; UFO triangle; Longview Texas; Iguanoids; After Earth; Falling Skies; Empty Places
Downloads: 306
[movies]AOLÉON ® The Martian Girl - Brent LeVasseur
This is the original AOLÃON ® The Martian Girl trailer movie.
Keywords: AOLÉON ® The Martian Girl, Martian, Alien, Flying Saucer, Mars, space, sci-fi, adventure, children, movie
Downloads: 350
[movies]John Lear on UFO Area 51 Anthony J Hilder
Taken from the video âThe Panic Projectâ http://www.freeworldfilmworks.com/ Anthony Hilder interviews John Lear in his home. Talks about his run in with security outside Area 51 with Bob Lazar. This is the famous incident where Mr Lazar lost his job as a result and ended his employment in area 51. Historic footage in the field of Conspiracy Research . âJohn Lear is a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot, as well as the son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet...
Keywords: ufo; video; england; area 51; dreamland; illuminati; flying saucer; footage; cfr; anthony j hilder; john lear; bob lazar
Downloads: 509
[audio]Reality Transformation Edition #1 - Michael R. MacDonald
Reality Transformation is a Podcast series dedicated to the subject of UFO's and paranormal phenomena. Join broadcaster / host Michael MacDonald as he interviews the top thinkers, researchers, and philosophers on the planet.
Keywords: ufo sci fi podcast interview paranormal science weird pseudo talk show researcher flying saucer alien et extra terrestrial exopolitics conspiracy enigma phenomane
Downloads: 1,497
[audio]The Secret Teachings 8/11/13 - Anti Gravity Propulsion Systems
On this episode of The Secret Teachings, Hosted by Ryan Gable, Nick Carioti, & Mike D. we discussed Anti-Gravity, Nazi Flying Saucers, Military/ET Treaties, the Grey presence, Zero Point Energy, the Vril, Thule, and Occult societies of the Third Reich, the Global Terror Distraction and ways in which, if we had the immediate power, we could begin to shift the course of humanity. http://thesecretteachings.info
Keywords: nazi flying saucer; anti gravity; propulsion systems; alternative power; zero point energy; we are change; truther; conspiracy theory; alex jones; david icke; foo fighters
Downloads: 114
[audio]Flying Saucer Songs Part 2 - Jerry Modjeski; Babs Economon
Part 2 of 2, More UFO & Flying Saucer records: "UFO" by Nina Hagen, The Pixies' "Motorway to Roswell" to "UFO Over Paris," Japanese & Spanish songs. DJ Jerry Modjeski (www.scorchedear.com) Bonus excerpts of Friday Night Poker Party in Outer Space with hosts Babs & Danger Man.
Keywords: UFOs; Flying Saucers; Flying saucer songs; The Pixies; Nina Hagen; Jerry Modjeski; ScorchedEar; Friday Night Poker Party; Babs Economon; Danger Man; KFAI; UFO Update; The Musical Transportation Spree
Downloads: 127
[movies]Nellis Afb Commander Deny UFO - Anthony J Hilder
Nellis Air Force Base Commander denies any UFO actvity, secret weapons, saying that information is classified. This is a one time occurence since a public hearing was required if area 51 was to expand its territory to exclude the public. Prior to this you could hike to to top of a hill and see the base in the distace and still be on Burean Of Land Management Land. Anthony Hilder corners the commander with questions ...which he denies all knowledge and will not comment upon...
Keywords: alien; ufo; video; england; base; area 51; nellis; dreamland; air force; illuminati; stealth; flying saucer; footage; cfr; anthony j hilder; extra terrestrial; john lear; bob lazar
Downloads: 144
[audio]The Alien Invasion #103 - Bad Brains Brad - Galactic Netcasts
On The Alien Invasion #103...We discuss why elliptic orbit isn't as "normal" as we thought. How a new video game is more like the original Alien movie. Plus, a look at flying saucers in Craft Corner and our picks. You can help Galactic Netcasts become a bigger and better network for original sci-fi, science and "geek culture" content by donating as little as $1 to our Patreon campaign by going to http://www.patreon.com/galacticnetcasts * New Evidence Reveals What a "Typical" Solar System Looks L...
Keywords: solar system; Exoplanets; NASA; Kepler; astrophysics; Alien Isolation; Alien; video game; flying saucer; flying disc; Ultimate Spiderman; Hulk; Venom; Secret Wars
Downloads: 421
[audio]The Alien Invasion #95 - The Abominable Snow Aliens of Europa - Galactic Netcasts
On The Alien Invasion #95...We discuss a "Queen Kunis," turning astrobiologists into super heroes, and a flying saucer quiz. Plus, a look at the Red Martians in the Creature Feature and our picks. * Jupiter Ascending Official Trailer Released. http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/76792/20140131/jupiter-ascending-official-trailer.htm * Comic Strip Explores Life on Earth During Alien Invasion. http://www.space.com/24527-abominable-snow-aliens-europa-comic.html * Facts about UFOs You Should Know...
Keywords: Jupiter Ascending; Wachowskis; Mila Kunis; The Abominable Snow Aliens of Europa; UFO; flying saucer; Red Martians; Barsoom; KGB; Grey Aliens; The Forgoten
Downloads: 246
[audio]Flying Saucer Songs Part 1 - Jerry Modjeski
Jerry plays records about UFOs and Flying Saucers with co-host Webcor, alien from Planet X. Music from the 1940s to present, from "We're Going UFOing" by Jimmy Durante to Brave Combo's "Flying Saucer Polka," "Take Me to Your Leader Cha-Cha" by Sam Space and the Cadets, with The Ran-Dells' "Martian Hop" and many more! Broadcast on KFAI, 7-7-01; part one of two. www.scorchedear.com
Keywords: UFOs; Flying Saucers; Flying Saucer songs; The Musical Transportation Spree; Jerry Modjeski; ScorchedEar; UFO Update; KFAI; Jimmy Durante; Brave Combo; The Ran-Dells; Buchanan and Goodman
Downloads: 172 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]16th Century: Bantu Humanoid Aliens - Terrence Ward
Why are so many UFO contactees all afraid to speak in public for fear people would either A). laugh at them, B). ruin their careers, and/or C). cause physical violence to aliens and/or capture their technology, e.t.c.? Bantu Aliens are a species of humanoid extraterrestrials who resemble African racial images and/or more specifically Bantu Sub-Saharans.
Keywords: 16th century bantu humanoid aliens; aliens; bernard fontennele; secret society of anu; black aliens; ufo; spaceships; flying saucer; venus; mercury; venusian; moors; africa; black
Downloads: 564
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Cosmic Life (1983)(Spinnaker)
Commodore C64 Manual: Cosmic Life (1983)(Spinnaker)
Keywords: saucer; game; bugs; press; ufe; joystick; move; cosmic; single move; storms; move game; storms option; flying saucer; joystick button; cosmic life; cosmic ufe
Downloads: 28
[texts]Texas Instrument Book: ti994a-for-the-beginning-beginner
Texas Instrument Book: ti994a-for-the-beginning-beginner
Keywords: program; computer; print; enter; fctn; disk; string; instruction; press; call clear; press enter; disk drive; string variable; rem move; ascii code; alpha lock; lock key; flying saucer; disk manager
Downloads: 5
[image]Posterazzi Archives---Science Fiction, Horror, Monster, Fantasy Films - posterazzi
From The World's Largest Cataloged Collection of 150,000 original Lobby Cards from Mexico, 1930s-1980s: 300+ sample jpgs of Science Fiction, Horror, Monster Films. http://posterazzi.blogspot.com/2008/04/sci-fi-fantasy-horror-monster-total.html http://posterazzi.blogspot.com/2008/04/monster-films.html CATALOG: VIEW 145 LISTS & 5,000 sample JPGS: ################################################## http://posterazzi.blogspot.com http://picasaweb.google.com/posterazzi http://www.youtube.com/profile_v...
Keywords: Sci-Fi; Universal Horror; 1950s Science Fiction; Italian Horror; Frankenstein; Dracula; WolfMan; Godzilla; King Kong; Mothra; Fulci; Argento; Jesus Franco; Ed Wood; Radiation; Giant Reptiles; Universe; Galaxy; Interplanetary; SpaceShip; Flying Saucer
Downloads: 141
[texts]How To Win At Video Games Complete Guide
How To Win At Video Games Complete Guide
Keywords: game; games; screen; invaders; monsters; destroy; atari; video; jumpman; arcade; video game; space invaders; video games; fire button; laser base; point values; fuel tanks; thrust button; flying saucer; target mark
Downloads: 26
[texts]Galaxy v01n02 - 1950-11.WorldEditions)(AK)
Galaxy v01n02 - 1950-11.WorldEditions)(AK)
Keywords: sutton; galaxy; fiction; science; carmody; vyrko; man; adams; tion; science fiction; galaxy science; time quarry; sutton told; human race; transfer point; president saunderson; misbegotten missionary; coming attraction; flying saucer
Downloads: 34
[texts]Galaxy v01n01 - 1950 - World Editions
Galaxy v01n01 - 1950 - World Editions
Keywords: sutton; galaxy; fiction; science; adams; max; pat; ship; judson; science fiction; galaxy science; time quarry; twenty years; sutton told; light years; flying saucer; pat mead; pool room; melting sickness
Downloads: 39
[texts]Galaxy Magazine (November 1950)

Keywords: sutton; galaxy; fiction; science; carmody; vyrko; man; adams; tion; science fiction; galaxy science; time quarry; sutton told; human race; transfer point; misbegotten missionary; president saunderson; coming attraction; flying saucer
Downloads: 553
[texts]New Worlds v09n25 (Canadian Edition) (1954-09.Nova)
New Worlds v09n25 (Canadian Edition) (1954-09.Nova)
Keywords: ship; quinton; cleevy; galbraith; worlds; daniels; russell; derrick; osborne; berg; science fiction; starvation orbit; flying saucers; ethical question; staying guests; station chief; three years; point contact; flying saucer; dining hall
Downloads: 47
[audio]The Alien Invasion #63 - Two Piles of Stuff - Galactic Netcasts
Not one, but a pair of new ID movies! What is the Hottel Memo? Who does the President have protecting him? And, we have goblins in the creature feature!! * Two Independence Day sequels are coming! http://insidemovies.ew.com/2013/03/26/independence-day-sequel/ * FBI denies public record of UFO report proves their existence. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/03/28/ufo-memo-is-fbi-most-wanted-record/ * YouTube video claims that a shape-shifting alien is working for the U.S...
Keywords: Independence Day sequels; FBI public record; flying saucer crash; Hottel memo; US Secret service; shape shifter; American Isreal Public Affairs Committee; Hopkinsville Goblins; Kelly Green Men; Chariots of the Gods; Invasion Earth; Fred Ward
Downloads: 319
[texts]Galaxy Magazine (October 1950)

Keywords: sutton; galaxy; fiction; science; adams; max; pat; judson; ship; science fiction; galaxy science; time quarry; twenty years; sutton told; light years; flying saucer; pat mead; pool room; melting sickness
Downloads: 1,141
[texts]Omni Magazine (Fall 1995)

Keywords: roswell; ihe; ufo; omni; randle; schmitt; dna; sloane; friedman; air force; star trek; army air; glenn dennis; roswell incident; nurse corps; flying saucer; ufo crash; roswell army; fuzzy logic
Downloads: 2,464
[audio]Dreams and UFOs - Jerry Modjeski, Peter Stenshoel, Damon Mathews, Stu Mathews, Jeff Pike, Miriam Stonehill, Brian Anderson, Bob Zander
UFOs and their effects on the Unconscious, presented in the Post-Void Radio Theater way, featuring the talents of Jerry Modjeski, Brian Anderson, Peter Stenshoel, Miriam Stonehill, Damon Mathews, Stuart Mathews, Bob Zander, and Jeff Pike. Bonus material not on the original 1991 cassette release appears at the end, with the additional voices of Marc Myers, Susan Murawski, Craig Lang and Roger Colby...
Keywords: LCS; scorchedear; Little City in Space; ZXQ Universe; Post-Void Radio Theater; KFAI; UFO; Flying Saucer; dream; abduction; alien; alien abduction; psychology; surrealism; The Musical Transportation Spree; UFO Update; Brian Anderson; Bob Zander; Marc Myers; Craig Lang; Roger Colby; Jeff Pike; Damon Mathews; Stu Mathews; Miriam Stonehill; Peter Stenshoel; Jerry Modjeski; Susan Murawski; Whitley Strieber
Downloads: 117 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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